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Will fell 5 weeks ago whilst bouldering and checked into our Manchester Climbing Centre clinic.

Image courtesy of Sarah Busef ©

27 May 2019

Will had some physio treatment on his ankle in the early stages to help remove the swelling but was unaware of the extent of the damage he had done other than an X-ray that reassured him there was no boney damage. Unfortunately on Assessment in clinic this orthopaedic test clearly demonstrated the instability in Wills ankle. The following short clips capture the full range of treatments available to get you back climbing safely and encourage you to heal and rehabilitate your ankle as quickly as possible.

As Will landed he must have torn the ligament in the front of the ankle which is what caused all the swelling. To encourage the scar tissue to heal and to remove the remaining swelling we use Graston which is a manual therapy technique that uses a metal tool to break down the scar tissue and make it stronger.

Shockwave is a technique that our therapist use regularly in professional sport. We are using it more and more to help with pain, breakdown scar tissue and encourage blood flow to speed up healing.

Will was desperate to get back climbing as quickly as possible but didn’t want to risk re-injury. We recommended strapping for support and to use 3.8 cm, Tiger Tan tape from Physique.

Although helping with the pain, encourage healing and supporting the ankle with tape is very important to speed up the return to bouldering the most important thing to ensure there is no re-injury is to do the work in the gym and at home. The following exercises are some simple home exercises that we prescribed in clinic to get Will started. We also advised he bought a stability disc to begin his static balance work which we will progress weekly.

Will thanks very much for choosing us and allowing us to blog your treatment in clinic. Unfortunately Will has had a serious ankle and we see so many people who have the same injury but wait months before they book in to see us.

We are really happy to be offering a “pop-up clinic” at The Manchester Climbing Centre and if you think we may be able to help you please do get in contact. we would be happy to help.


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