Doug Jones to race in Challenge Roth Ironman for the British Acoustic Neuroma Association CIO

In 2015 Altius founder Doug Jones was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour (Acoustic Neuroma) which was the size of a golf ball, and would change his life forever.

Doug underwent immediate surgery six weeks after the diagnosis. The tumour was removed successfully, but as with any surgery nothing is guaranteed. Despite a successful operation he was left profoundly deaf in his right ear and he needed to relearn how to balance and walk properly again.

Fortunately, Doug’s recovery was nothing short of remarkable. Much of this was down to the expert skull based team at Salford Royal and the amazing charity he is raising money for: The British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA).

When Doug was diagnosed with the tumour he was just 6 weeks away from taking part in the Frankfurt Ironman and so after his surgery in hospital he promised to himself that no matter what it took, no matter how long it took, he would get back that level of fitness again.

Although surgical outcomes continue to improve, many patients don’t get the results like him. Some people are left, unfortunately, with facial palsy, chronic pain and headaches, depression, fatigue, mobility, balance issues and often patients struggle to come to terms with their hearing loss.

Doug has been an ambassador for BANA for over five years now and every year he raises money for the society to help patients struggling with life after Acoustic Neuroma surgery.

On the 25th of June Doug he will complete an Ironman Distance Triathlon called Challenge Roth, Germany. The long distance endurance event comprises of a 2 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, followed by a marathon to finish.

Doug Jones to race in Challenge Roth Ironman ->