Teamwork makes the dream work

A year ago Dave Evans was getting three steroid injections in his knee’s a year, he couldnt walk to the local shop and back and he was told his knee was “knackered and he needed a replacement”.

Thats why his bucket list trip to patagonia last week was all the more special. Him and his wife walked 130km over 6 days in the end summiting Mount Fitzroy.

David was one of our first patient’s that went through the Knee arthritis service. Altius has developed a innovative approach to managing knee arthritis and is curerently gathering patient data in conjunction with the knee clinic, Manchester to further our knowledge on how best to delay the progression of this life changing disease.

To reduce Daves knee pain quickly we used a combination of the knee arthritis teams expertise to change his biomechanics and decrease the pressure on the degenerate part of his knee. With a combination of injection therapy, bracing, shock absorbing insoles, dietary advice and manual therapy he was quickly able to get moving and begin the process of further losing weight and strengthening his body to reduce the shock through his leg.

A research paper (Finney et al) published in 2016 found that knee arthritis is best managed through independent experts working as a team to address all the factors at once that contribute to the patients knee pain. In a normal healthcare setting it would be very difficult to arrange this type of service but at Altius arranging a one-stop-shop service under one roof has been easier to coordinate and deliver.

Part of the success of this new clinic is due to the strong relationships Altius has built over the years with Ossur UK. Altius has a official partnership with Ossur and our staff are trained to fit the amazing Unloader X brace which is clinically proven to off load the arthritic area of the knee improving the patients mechanics and helping them get moving.

Partnering with Mr Bilal Barkatali and the Manchester knee clinic has meant that each and every patients care is overseen by a world renowned expert in his field with Spire Manchester, rated exceptional being one of the best places in the country to be managed when any surgery is required.

So if like Dave you have been told your knee is “knackered” and is going to need to be replaced please get in contact and find out more about our knee arthritis service…………you may not need to cancel your Patagonia expedition just yet.

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