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Pelvic Health and Pregnancy Service

Introducing Kirsty Batchelor, our new Pelvic Health and Pregnancy Wellness Physiotherapist.

2 October 2020



Altius is pleased to announce our new pelvic health service. Kirsty is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic health. Kirsty is dedicated to empowering everyone to exercise during and after pregnancy and is an advanced pregnancy and postnatal wellness practitioner. Kirsty is passionate about opening up the conversation around all things bladder, bowel, vulvas and vaginas.




> Pregnancy MSK Assessment 

> The Mummy MOT® 

> Pelvic Floor Assessment  

> Prolapse Screening 

> Urinary Incontinence Assessment 

> Antenatal 1:1 Pilates  

> Postnatal 1:1 Pilates 

> Return to Running Assessment 



Kirsty’s thoughts…


‘Remember it is not normal to leak…..ever.’


‘You don’t have to have pelvic pain during pregnancy.’


‘There is no taboo in poo.’



Watch this space for a regular blog on all things pelvic health.

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