Guy’s Blog: Fit-2-Ski after breaking his Femur & dislocating his hip

Our patient, Guy, from Prestbury had a terrible break to his right femur after a fall skiing in Austria this season.

Guy Skiing a black run in Austria twelve weeks after surgery

After his emergency surgery abroad Guy was flown back to Manchester and on crutches for six weeks and desperate to get back Skiing before the end of the ski season. He was seen by Professor Phil Turner and referred to us for intensive physio and rehabilitation at our clinic in Hale and at MIHP.

Our Biomechanist: Stuart Campbell going through the optogait results: Guy’s leg was over 1 cm shorter than the other side so Guy was fitted with an insole to correct this which helped him with his walking mechanics and improved his pain.

Fractured, dislocated right hip, pinned back in place

Guy is 6 weeks since the operation here learning to stabilise his hip and knee in our rehab gym in Hale

To help Guy with his strenghening in the early stages whilst he was on crutches we used a compex machine to stimulate his hip stabilisers.

Whilst patients are non weight-bearing after a large amount of surgery your muscle strength can deteriorate very quickly and we think the compex and off feet program we gave him both on the mat and in the water really helped to maintain his strength whilst he was recovering from his surgery.

To help Guy improve his walking and overcome his leg length discrepancy and weak hip we used a Sacro-illiac joint belt in the early stages to give him more stability.
After a large trauma and resulting surgery Guy rented one of our Game Ready machines. This machine is the world leading ice compression unit scientifically proven to improve pain and reduce swelling and we think a must if you want to recover from surgery as quickly as possible.

We spoke to Professor Max Fehily who owns the Manchester Hip Clinic who said that “Completing the rehabilitation after any hip surgery is as important for recovery as the surgery itself. He said that “patients who return to his clinic at six weeks after using adjuncts like the compex machine and the game ready and exercising in water often have much better movement, suffer with less pain and return to walking quicker”.

We are very happy that Guy is back enjoying skiing and at this very moment the last weeks of the ski season in Austria.

If you have any questions about how to recover as quickly as possible from surgery and get back to doing what you enjoy safely then please do not hesitate to get in contact and our team would be happy to help you get back to your best.

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