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Exercise during pregnancy

7 October 2020

Are you new to exercise but not sure where to start now you’re pregnant?


Are you a regular exerciser but confused about what is recommended during pregnancy?


Are you leaking when you exercise and this is stopping you from staying active?


The Department of Health and Social Care recommends aiming for at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.


Benefits of taking part in exercise during pregnancy are:


> Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes

> Helps to reduce high blood pressure

> Improves cardiorespiratory fitness

> Helps to control weight

> Improves mood

> Improves sleep

(2019 Guidelines)



Book in with our new Physiotherapist Kirsty, she is an Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner and also trained in APPI Antenatal Pilates



> Kirsty will complete a full musculoskeletal assessment, an antenatal physical activity questionnaire, provide education on appropriate exercise and also the signs of when to stop exercising.


> A bespoke exercise program will be created for you, that is safe to complete throughout your pregnancy.


> Education on how to activate your pelvic floor correctly, teaching you ‘The Knack’ and how to synchronise your breathing and pelvic floor during exercise.


> Kirsty will also advise you on activities and positions to help you optimise your pelvis during each stage of labour.


Don’t just google it, head to the websites below for further information on exercising during pregnancy. 


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