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Altius offers Nail Surgery!

Here at Altius Healthcare our foot and ankle specialist Stu Campbell offers nail surgery procedures.      

19 May 2022

Current NHS waiting times are between 5 and 18 weeks. This procedure is covered by medical insurance and you can usually be seen within a week. Please feel free to contact the clinic and check availability.



Nail surgery is the removal of part or all of the toe nail that is either ingrowing and causing pain and persistent infection or the nail has become deformed. This procedure is carried out under the use of local anaesthetic, and the nail is removed neatly so the toe looks as normal as possible afterwards. An acidic solution is then used to ensure the offending edge of the nail does not grow back.

Follow up appointments and additional dressing is provided to ensure you heal as quickly as possible.

You can book a consultation with Stuart at both our Hale and Bury Clinics, and he also offers foot & ankle injections, along with Biomechanic Assessments.

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