Work Better, Feel Well

Our aim is to undo what the chair is doing to you in your workplace.

More people are sitting for prolonged periods of time both at work and at home. The latest evidence suggests that people who have sedentary jobs and sit for prolonged periods of time are more at risk of injury and illness and don’t live as long, the research goes on to say that 4o mins of exercise is not enough daily to undo the effect of being sedentary for ten hours or more a day.

How can we help you and your team?

Our team will visit your workplace and deliver our Sit Strong Program.

This will include:

  1. Our keynote presentation: “sitting is the new smoking”.
  2. A practical session on Chair Yoga
  3. A range of exercise classes to re-strengthen the muscles you have lost from prolonged sitting
  4. Massage sessions on purpose built massage chairs from our staff for those who are too tight already from sitting and need stress relieving deep tissue relief.
  5. Foam rolling workshop on how to release your tight muscles yourself
  6. We stock and can supply you with all the posture solutions from shoulder braces to foam rollers, standing desks and Stability discs to help you
  7. We can do a ‘pop-up’ clinic in massage, physio or podiatry providing you have the space, we are registered with all the insurance companies so this can be billed through your insurance and saves wasted time for your employees needing to leave site.

We know it works and those that have taken up our sessions have seen a huge benefit in the workplace, why don’t you get in touch and book your companies first session with us!

“We look forward to Altius coming in every month. Our company has offices worldwide and of all of them we have had the greatest change in staff satisfaction and the greatest reduction in staff absenteeism this year. The different sessions each month have been brilliant and we all love the massage. A fantastic idea and much better than any other corporate wellness initiative we have invested in in the past.”

Emlyn Lewis, MD Ossur Ltd

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