60 seconds with Stuart Campbell – Podiatrist

Stuart our podiatrist gave up a bit of his time to talk about how he got into podiatry and where his unique passion and drive comes from.

Back when I was 21 I applied for the fire service, all I ever wanted to do was be a fireman. The problem was that the service was overcome with applications and my form didn’t even make it through clearing. I was told I needed to resubmit 12 months later……I pondered on what to do and came to the conclusion that as I spent most of my time in the gym I would spend my time learning how to be a personal trainer.

During my time as a trainer I worked with a Podiatrist within the same service, I immediately recognised the benefit of combining the two disciplines and developed a real interest in biomechanics. Essentially looking at the way we move, correcting patterns, optimising functions and doing all this with a combination of exercise and correction. I loved it and we achieved great things with patients. I wanted to qualify myself and it became a passion to help people recover and better themselves.

Team GB gave me the opportunity to become a professional athlete (you would never guess looking at me now) which saw me relocate to Denmark. Fast forward a few year and UK Sport helped me onto my degree as a Podiatrist – my passion was about to become my career.

I now have over 13 years of clinical experience, subsidised by my time as an athlete in different sports, both at elite and semi pro level. I have pushed and pushed to learn more, kept in touch with my Strength and Conditioning roots remaining as an affiliate member of the UKSCA, I have studied at Masters level and I am now pursuing a PhD in Biomechanics. My entire career has been one long series of complimentary co-incidences, each one benefiting the last.

I am now in the privileged position working with what I firmly believe to be one of the best private teams of professionals around at Altius Healthcare. I love my job and I love the puzzle of unpicking patient presentations and finding a solution.

One of my senior professors once told me that each patient is a snowflake, treat them all individually. This has stuck with me and I try to do this with each and every person that steps into my clinic.

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