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Do you suffer from Lower Back pain? Is it something that comes on gradually or has it been a constant issue? What about Upper Back pain? Do you find tension, stress or tightness along your spine in between the Shoulder blades? How about Neck pain? Do you find looking down problematic, for example, when looking at mobiles, laptops or through incorrect ergonomic set-ups with new technology? Do you have issues when playing sports that hampers performance and your ability to play effectively? If so, read on, as Altius Healthcare has the solution for you.






Founder and Clinical Lead Physiotherapist Doug Jones has created his signature “SitStrong” programme, combining impartial advice, re-education, training and support through a range of in-house solutions. This is in partnership with Commercial Property specialists Bruntwood which includes on-site Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Podiatry, Pilates, Yoga and specialist exercise classes. These solutions are all designed to undo what the chair does to your posture.






Altius Healthcare aims to bring their team of experts as well as knowledge, passion and enthusiasm within elite, professional sports to the corporate environment. Some of the individuals and teams we continuously work with include:







We have also visited businesses, providing those who request treatment, a ten minute chair massage. This allows individuals the chance to experience our services in the comfort of their office, helping to eleviate stress, tension and possible anxiety. This has been followed with a presentation discussing the harmful effect of prolonged sitting with practical advice and help on how to undo this.





The previous event held at Bruntwood’s Trafford House, world renowned sports psychologist Jamie Edwards provided invaluable insight into prolonged sitting and the relationship in mindset to sport, business and lifestyle decisions.

Altius Healthcare practitioners Anna Jones, James Collinge, Michael Brown-Fraser along with Doug Jones carried out two sessions of ten minute Chair Massage treatments to individuals and businesses based there. This was followed by Jamie’s signature “SitStrong” Presentation, which was warmly received by those who attended. Please click on the poster below to see a brief video showcasing the last session held at Trafford House:






We welcome any questions, either on general health, well-being topics or specific injury-related or chronic issues after the presentation as well as the chance to meet with members of the Altius Healthcare team.

Altius Healthcare is registered with all the major health insurance companies, so if you or your company offers private healthcare, you can register your treatment with us. For more details, either call 0161 401 1000 or email Practice Manager Natalie Gibson on







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