Pre-activation with Altius Healthcare

  • Find a mat and go in to a 4-point-kneeling position (feet, knees and hands on the floor).
  • Keep your hands right under your shoulders and try to keep your back straight – you may need a mirror or a partner to help you find the right position.
  • Pushing through your hands and feet, lift your knees around 5 inches and hold this position for 30 seconds – if you can!
  • Remember, to create tension in your shoulder, glutes and quads to maintain a solid position!
  • Try and do 30 seconds on with 30 seconds rest for 6 repetitions, its tougher than you think.
    If you need to make it easier; decrease the time spent in this position to 10 seconds. This exercise is only to activate and prime your body, in preparation for exercise/performance
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