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Pre-activation with Altius Healthcare

Here's Dafydd, our Senior Physiotherapist giving you a bulletproof pre-activation plan.

7 July 2022

  • Find a mat and go in to a 4-point-kneeling position (feet, knees and hands on the floor).
  • Keep your hands right under your shoulders and try to keep your back straight – you may need a mirror or a partner to help you find the right position.
  • Pushing through your hands and feet, lift your knees around 5 inches and hold this position for 30 seconds – if you can!
  • Remember, to create tension in your shoulder, glutes and quads to maintain a solid position!
  • Try and do 30 seconds on with 30 seconds rest for 6 repetitions, its tougher than you think. If you need to make it easier; decrease the time spent in this position to 10 seconds. This exercise is only to activate and prime your body, in preparation for exercise/performance


  • As before, go in to 4-point-kneeling and find a strong position with a neutral spine.
  • Part 1 – extend your Right arm forwards without moving your trunk or pelvic.
  • Part 2 – extend your Left leg backwards and raise without losing that string neutral position and without rotating your pelvic.
  • Part 3 – now add them together and hold for 10 seconds and swap sides.
  • Do this 10 times on each side and hold each position for 10 seconds. Don’t move to part 2 or 3 without first mastering part 1 and part 2 respectively.


  • You can sit on a bench or a swiss ball for this exercise, however, using a swiss ball will make it harder!
  • Attach a thera-band or resistance band around a steady support or corner of the door.
  • With your arms straight throughout the movement, pull the band down towards your pockets – without bending at the elbow.
  • When you do this exercise, make sure you pull your shoulder blades back and down to engage your posterior muscles which will aid in the stability and performance of this exercise.
  • Repeat 8-12 times with a tempo of 3 seconds down and 2 seconds up – do this 3 times with a minute’s rest. This exercise shouldn’t be too difficult, remember we are preparing the body for further exercise/performance.


  • You can either do single leg or double leg squats here.
  • Find a box or a dinning room chair, face away from it and stand on one leg.
  • Put one leg out in front and slowly squat down on your standing leg.
  • Once you reach the chair/box, pause, and then stand back up using the same leg.
  • Repeat this 8-10 times x 3 sets on each leg.
  • To make this harder, you could add weight, lower the box or even slow the movement down.
  • To make this easier, you could increase the height of the chair/box, stand in a split stance position or even hold on to a piece of furniture to support you.


  • This exercise is called banded counter movement jumps (CMJ).
  • For this exercise, you will need a resistance band to attach on the door corner or the rack as shown in the photo.
  • Firstly, you squat down and extend your hands, you then jump whilst pulling the band downwards.
  • You should try and keep to a steady rhythm form jump to jump.
  • Repeat 10 times for 2 sets with 1 minute rest in between. The aim isn’t to jump as high as you can, its all about firing up your nervous system and preparing the body for repeated efforts.
  • If haven’t got a band, you could just to CMJ without a band!
    REMEMBER – if you have any pain or balance issues with these exercise, please consult a physiotherapist before you continue!
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