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Simon Edwards

Founder of Hale Health Clinic

18 October 2020


Hale Health Clinic was set up by Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) and personal trainer Simon Edwards, passionate about health, nutrition, strength and happiness.  Nutrition has always been an integral part of both his own health and training, and has a strong belief that food is the best medicine!


Throughout the years, Simon’s focus has always remained consistent; to help clients achieve their healthiest self and combat long standing health issues.  This is done through various nutritional assessments and testing to help identify any underlying issues and understand the best course of action for each client.  Hale Health Clinic also works closely with trusted doctors, physiotherapists and functional medical doctors to ensure that every client receives the best treatment for their overall needs.


Simon’s clients are typically ready for change, and have a real desire to succeed in changing their health and lives.

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