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Altius is invited to Red Bull’s Performance centre, Salzburg

9 February 2020


Red Bulls Rachel Atherton is six months on from her Achillies reconstruction and we are pleased to say doing really well.

Red Bull invited us out to their state of the art performance centre to get some valuable data on Rachaels tendon helping us to plan the next three months and her safe return to World Cup racing.


Rachel had blood tests to measure her immune system function. For her tendon to heal in the best way her immune system must be working effectively which we can tell by her Vitamin D levels and white blood cell count.

Rachel’s tendon was also MR scanned and investigated using ultrasound. These images help us to understand the quality of the new tendon tissue and gives you the confidence to begin loading it heavily which is what the tendon needs to heal strong.


Rachel just had time to do an interview for Red Bull before the flight home.


The plan is to now begin a sport specific strength phase to prepare the tendon for the type of loads that are generated in World Cup downhill racing.

Rachel tore her Achillies originally landing from a 10 foot drop on her bike. The challenge now is to progressively develop this type of force both on and off the bike in the gym to ensure she is fit to return safely.

We will keep you posted on her progress!

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