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Standing Stork Test

17 October 2020


Standing Stork Test


You will need:
– A flat surface (not carpet if possible)
– A stopwatch or clock


1. Remove any shoes or socks, and place the hands on the hips. Choose which leg will be your supporting leg first.


2. Position the non-supporting foot on the inside of the supporting leg at the knee.


3. Start the timer from the time you are in this position.


Stop the timer as soon as any of the following occurs:

– The hand(s) come off the hips
– The supporting foot hops or swivels in any direction
– The non-supporting foot loses contact with the knee


4. Record the total time (in seconds) you could maintain this position until any of the above points.


5. Perform this test 3 times on the dominant leg, then 3 times on the non-dominant leg (recording a result for each test).


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