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Ric Moylan

Performance & Leadership Coach

18 October 2020


I am relentless, determined and ambitious. I speak the truth and I am fiercely loyal. If you cut me I will bleed Mancunian. I grew up in a tough neighbourhood, which taught me good manners go a long way. My biggest inspiration and motivation is my son, Liam. My family and close friends keep me grounded and humble. My fair share of adversity has carved me into the man I am today and taught me what I am capable of.

I have limitless potential… and so do you.
I am on a mission to share my invaluable years of experience as a performance coach, a leader, a business man and a motivator within a very fast paced and competitive world of health, fitness and professional sport.
I began my journey as a young man with big dreams in the energetic city of Manchester, UK. I have since gained almost 20 years experience as an advanced trainer and performance coach, which has guided me towards an incredibly successful career amongst the best coaches on the planet.
I am a self-confessed martial arts and boxing geek. My obsessive passion within these disciplines has enabled me to gain expert knowledge and experience to teach my unique performance methods to world class athletes and their up and coming protégés.

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