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Charlotte Daws

18 October 2020


By trade, I am a Sport Rehabilitator. I’ve always had a fascination for sports injuries and how athletes not only recovered from them but prevented them. After spending some time working both in clinical practice and in Sport,  I started my Pilates Matwork training with APPI.

Quite simply, I wanted to learn more about incorporating core strength work into my clients rehab.

However, fast forward 4 years and I’ve realised Pilates has become so much more than that. It makes me HAPPY.

Not only have I ended up rehabbing my own injuries (some I didn’t really acknowledge I had until they were gone), but I’m far more in tune with my own body and how it moves (or sometimes doesn’t). My understanding and appreciation of the core and the anatomy grew and I regularly incorporate the Pilates Principles into my client rehab programmes.
I am fascinated with the human body, especially how we are built so similarly yet function so differently. We therefore require different modifications and options within our practice. We also respond to different cues and visuals when learning about our muscles and the way we move.
In my classes I aim to share my knowledge with you, whether it’s to overcome or prevent injury, educate yourself on optimal movement, or help you switch off and zone out from life for an hour. I want to help you learn about, appreciate and love your body, the way it moves and the things it is capable of!
I’m biased, but I think everyone would benefit from Pilates! I work with people of all ages, genders, and athletic abilities. Give it a try and see what you learn about yourself.

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