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Ostenil Injections

Lubricant injection for knee pain

OSTENIL is a lubricate injection used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, OA. It can be used in any joint space in the body that is classified as ‘synovial’, such as the shoulder, hip, elbow and, most frequently, knee.


OSTENIL contains a solution of sodium hyaluronate, an external replicate of the body’s natural synovial fluid, that works by restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and production of this substance.
Aims of OSTENIL treatment:
– Decrease pain
– Reduce stiffness
– Reduce the additional discomforts that are a secondary cause of OA.
You will probably not notice any benefits immediately after the first injection, but you should gradually start to feel less pain and stiffness over the next few weeks. The improvement in your symptoms is likely to persist for several months, depending on the progression of the degenerative change in the joint being treated.
When the effects of your OSTENIL injections begin to wear off, you can safely choose to have another injection if your clinician agrees it is appropriate. Thereafter, you can continue with OSTENIL therapy whenever necessary. OSTENIL is often used alongside other treatments such as exercise, manual therapy or bracing to help your joint.
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