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Gait Analysis

What is it?

1 October 2021

Our podiatrist Stu Campbell has created this video and information below to help explain what a gait analysis assessment involves. The assessment that Stu offers here at Altius is really in depth and comprehensive and he works closely with the other clinicians – physiotherapists and sports rehab specialists – to make your assessment specific to your needs.  A gait assessment is suitable for anyone with a lower limb or spinal issue, or for someone looking to improve their training.  Stu helps patients with, for example, knee OA, plantar fasciitis, hip pain or spinal scoliosis.  Stu also offers rehabilitation gait anaylsis for anyone about to have surgery on their lower limb or spine.


Gait Analysis – What is it?
Basically, if you have an appointment with me at Altius you will have a clinical assessment and be provided with a diagnosis and then treatment for your issue.
Gait analysis is part of the assessment process and is an in-depth look at the way you walk! I use a 2D infrared assessment with slow motion video capture to look at you walk. In addition to this, I have an in-shoe analysis kit to look at you run outside in your own shoes. The details that these assessments generate are in depth and informative. They must be balanced against a comprehensive clinical assessment also.

If you are on a waiting list for surgery, anything from your back down to your foot then I would recommend a rehabilitation gait analysis. This is exclusive to my patients whereby I capture your data pre operation and then again post-operative to provide you with an individual “gait retraining” programme. This ensures you recover from surgery in the best possible way in conjunction with your physiotherapy.

• 1 Hour Full Biomechanics Assessment £100.00 (Bupa and WPA covered) 2D infrared and in-shoe for individuals who are injured typically.
• 30mins Run Analysis £50.00 Outdoors, return to sport/activity and patients typically are injury free for 30min appointment.
• 30mins Rehabilitation Gait Analysis £50.00-Pre and post operative analysis and is a pivotal tool for lower limb and spine pathology.
Best foot forward and I look forward to seeing you in clinic soon and fixing you!

To book in with Stu or to ask any questions please contact the team on 0161 401 1000 or email Stu is available at both our Hale and Bury clinics.

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